SEO is a less costly or sometimes even free method of online marketing compared to Google Ads in which money needs to be spent in order to get more clicks. But the main difference between them is that SEO might take months to show results whereas you can get instant results from Google Ads.

Google has confirmed that PPC ads will never directly help in boosting the SEO rankings of a website. However, there are some methods through which Google Ads can be used to improve your SEO results. The data that you get from Google Adwords campaigns can be used to perform different SEO strategies.

Check out some of the ways through which PPC ads can benefit SEO.

Keyword Research

The main benefit of Google Ads for SEO is keyword research. Keyword research is very important for SEO and PPC strategies. There are many free online tools for Keyword research. Google Keyword Planner Tool is a popular free tool for keyword research. We are a leading SEO company in Dubai who can provide you with guaranteed results.

Through Google Ads, you get a  clear idea of keywords, which keywords work and which don’t, how high the conversion rates are, keyword competition and more. You have a detailed analytics report available on Google Ad Manager.

Backlinks can be generated through Ad Clicks

Quality backlinks are very important for boosting your SEO rankings. After Google’s different algorithm changes, now Google is focusing more on the quality of backlinks rather than the quantity of backlinks. When users click your Ads and reach your website, there are chances that they might share your website links on different social media or might link it to their own website. Through this, you can get quality backlinks.

Makes your brand trustworthy and reliable

When your website appears on Google SERP as Google Ad and organic search result this can improve your brand’s trustworthiness and reliability. Through this, you can get more genuine clicks that boost your website and business.

Re-marketing Options to Boost SEO

Remarketing is the process of showing ads to the users who have already interacted with your website like click a call option, visit contact page or download a file.

Through re-marketing, the users get to see your website name more often and the chances of them clicking your website for organic searches also improves.

Get quick results and don’t be over-dependent on SEO

SEO takes some time to show results whereas you can get instant results from Google Ads, hence you can make your clients happy through these results rather than waiting for the SEO results which might take months to show up.

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