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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your web pages and contents to get better results in organic search. The main goal of SEO is to improve the traffic to your website through Google searches.

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Check out some of the benefits of SEO for your online e-commerce store.

1. Brings quality traffic

Studies say that majority of web traffic comes from organic search and many such users will also make purchases.

2. Budget-friendly marketing technique

Search Engine Optimization is a budget-friendly marketing technique. You don’t have to pay in order to get appeared in google searches. If your website has proper content and meta tags, then your website will start appearing on the google searches for different keywords according to your page’s contents and meta tags.

3. Improves your brand awareness

SEO gives better brand recognition among your potential customers. Brand awareness is very essential if your competition is high.

4. Boosts your Google Ads

SEO can also help in boosting google ads. Promoting your website through PPC can get you immediate results but can be expensive if you do it for a long period of time. You can optimize web pages and try to rank them in organic searches and get more clicks through it. If your website is ranking high for paid and organic searches, it makes you superior among your other competitors.

5. You can rank in local map searches

If you have a physical location created in google maps, it can drive more traffic to your website. Through Google maps, your customers can add reviews and give ratings. There is also an option through which you can reply to those comments. This helps to boost your company’s credibility and trustworthiness.

6. Boosts Social Media Profiles

You can also get more visits to your different social media pages through Google search results. There are high chances that people visiting your website from different google searches will check out your social media pages, and might even engage on your posts. This helps to boost your overall social media presence.

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